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Thank you for the Let's Draw a Story product. 


It is the perfect teaching tool for my grandchildren.  It gives my son and daughter-in-law help in teaching our grandchildren's communications and life skills. 

It has been a blessing to our family.  In fact, it is the first thing you see when you enter our grandchildren's rooms. 

I hope you (Arden) and Susan continue to make this product.

Thank you for Let's Draw a Story and it's success with my grandchildren.


Warner Robbins, GA

This is so great and thank you!! 


Your ideas are so creative and important.....I am sending this on to so many, from home scholar's to all the moms I know to grandmas, aunties, and teachers. 


I had a playgroup for 2 years, taught Sunday School and Church preschool for 10 years, was room mother for 11 years, and PTA officer in 5 schools in Vegas----always wracking my brain for just what you have created.


San Antonio, TX

I'm a second grade teacher.  My students love using Let's Draw a Story in our classroom!


Lawrence, KS

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Let's Draw a Story inspires creativity and is a fun way to spend your time.


Dallas, TX