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We write the story... You draw the pictures.

Hi!  Welcome to Let's Draw a Story

That's right... We write the story and you draw the pictures. 


Or you can:

Paint the pictures

Scrapbook the pictures

Use photographs for the pictures

Frame the pictures

Drawing a story, anyway you want is a lot of FUN!

Are you looking for a FUN activity for kids that uses the imagination and slows things down from the hectic, electronic pace of life these days, where everything is plugged in or needs to be recharged?

An activity that promotes creativity, social skills and a sense of accomplishment?

We can HELP YOU with that!

Let's Draw a Story is GREAT for:




Day Care Centers

Home Child Care

Home Schoolers





We have Story Sets to choose from in 3 different Styles.


A Story Set is a collection of stories within a theme.

For example, a story from the Story Set, Let's See What Else...,

is What's in Grandma's Attic?  Ya, let's see what's in Grandma's attic.

The story text is on blank pages and you use your awesome imagination to draw the pictures.  Sounds FUN, doesn't it?  We think so!


3 Styles to choose from.


Style 1:  Book Form - This spiral-bound style keeps your memorable work nice and neat so Grandma can have it as a keepsake in that attic of hers. 

















Style 2Loose Pages - This style is project ready.  Rev up that imagination of yours because these pages are ready to go. 


















Style 3:  eBook-  This loose-page style is project ready too and super ready to go.  Once you buy it, the Story Set(s) are immediately emailed to you and ready to download and print out so the fun can start ASAP.  No waiting!


















With Let's Draw a Story you can draw a great picture from one of the pages and frame it. You can cut out the text with those cool crinkle-cut scissors and tell the story in a scrapbook with all that great scrapbook stuff.

What age do you have to be?  Any age!



Let's Draw a Story is FUN anytime... but when the weather forecast says rain or snow...  grab those Story Sets and say,"Let's go!"

Featured Story Set


Featured Story


Check out the

Fun Ideas page for our Scrappy Birthday project for the story -My Birthday Party!

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